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The Tajima School of Ju Jitsu was established in 1980 and boasts a large number of students who have made it through to black belt grades, following years of training.

Ju Jitsu translates as “yielding art” – using an attacker’s weight and strength to defeat them, rather than meeting force with force. Some of the very first techniques you learn, as well as being excellent self-defence techniques in their own right, are the building blocks for more advanced techniques that you will learn as you progress through the grades. As you become more experienced, you will begin to combine multiple techniques and principles to defend yourself against a variety of attacks – something which is referred to as “Ju Jitsu Knowledge” in some of the higher gradings; in addition to demonstrating curriculum techniques, you will need to demonstrate that you are, for example, able to defend yourself against an unknown attack. Whilst this may sound unbelievable to a beginner, once you are comfortable with the principles being taught, it is quite straightforward.

There is a long history of Ju Jitsu in the North West of England, and you can read a little about it on our history page.